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Why We are Interested in A’Ibom Politics- Fathers of Faith

The Spiritual Father’s Forum a.k.a Fathers of Faith, Akwa Ibom State, has offered insight into the reason behind their interest in the politics of Akwa Ibom State.

The Forum said since Akwa Ibom State is a Christian State as more than 90 per cent of the population of citizens are professed Christians, they as spiritual fathers are concerned about the moral, spiritual and secular characters of those who must lead and represent the people.

The Forum which made this known through their Chairman, Prelate Sunday Mbang at a Press Conference organised by the Forum on Thursday in Uyo said that the politicians they show interest in include the person that must be elected as the Governor, persons that must represent the State as legislators in the National Assemblies, House of Assembly, Chairmen of the various Local Government Areas and Councillors in Local Government Legislative Councils.

Prelate Mbang added “Apart from the constitutional requirements that must be met by these categories of our citizens, we are concerned about issues of honesty, probity, morality and faith profession and practices of those we must entrust with positions of
leadership and citizens servant-hood.

” We cannot, as Fathers of Faith, afford to be onlookers or bystanders. If we are not totally committed to the welfare and
well-beings of our fellow brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and adherents, then we are not and cannot be seen as good shepherds, demanded of us by the faith we profess.”

The Chairman of the Forum, while dismissing the rumours that they have a preferred gubernatorial candidate for 2023 described the claims as absolute falsehood.

He said on the contrary, the Forum is praying conscientiously and would also work conscientiously to ensure that the people of the State elect who he described as a credible, honest Christian citizen, with good leadership qualities
and personal probity, as the Governor of the State, come 2023.

Prelate Mbang stated that the same holds true for those who must represent the State in the various legislatures of the Local Government administrations.

The Chairman of the Forum maintained that considering who they are, their objectives and purposes, it is only natural that they must show great interest in the politics of Akwa lbom State in particular, and Nigeria in general.

He offered insight to the fact that the objectives and purposes for which the Forum is established are; to boost the quality of christian leadership in the State, to sensitize the youths on christian ethics and values, and to interact with security agencies for better service delivery in Akwa lbom State.

Others are to Interact with traditional rulers to foster peace, unity and harmony in the State, to resolve conflict(s) amongst leaders and churches or members in churches and to consult key stake holders of the State to adopt measures that will further strengthen developments within the State.

Prelate Mbang added ” To promote the interest of the members. To serve as a platform for old and young gospel ministers to interact on Biblical, moral and ethical issues. To suppot the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Akwa lbom State branch to express view and opinions on religious matters that will enhance unity and harmonious co-existence in Akwa lbom State and Nigeria.

“To join together in prayers and hereafter making suggestions to Akwa lbom
State Government and Federal Government on actualization of any act or projects which in the belief of the Forum is in line with her objectives. To establish, support and aid in the establishment of any Association formed to promote all or any of the objects of the Forum.

“To organize and hold seminars, conferences, symposia, lawful and peaceful public meetings on any topic relevant to the objectives of the Forum.
To do all such other lawful things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.”

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