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Why Marriages Fail

 Why Marriages Fail

Marital, also known as matrimony or marriage, is a legally recognised union between two people, known as married couples, that constitutes an agreement between them, their children and anyone else who is a party to the union, for them to be bound by and to live together as husband and wife under the rules of public law. The wedding ceremony is the solemn commitment made by both partners in front of witnesses, usually their family members and closest friends. The marriage certificate records the legal union between the two parties. This is also a proof that they have undergone the legal system’s procedures for making the union legally binding.

In most developed countries, marriage is seen as the most important social institution. Marriage has a special significance in almost all societies and in most cultures. Marriage also provides people with security and financial stability and, at the same time, gives individuals the feeling of belonging and of being part of something larger than themselves. It is widely accepted that marriages are best established by couples in their own homes, especially among young people.

There is no doubt that people in a committed relationship will enjoy the benefits of marriage. However, these benefits do not necessarily come free. They are a combination of advantages and disadvantages stemming from the nature of a married life.

Marriage brings responsibilities. A married couple is now responsible for each other, for their child (Ren), for their home and other related expenses. They are now two independent persons, responsible for their own lives. A married couple is also more prone to financial stress because they live under different roofs (the husband’s house and the wife’s house).

Marriages are also linked with child rearing. In most developed countries, a married couple has to bear the responsibility of their children. Some people choose to have only one child while others want to have as many as possible. While some people feel that it’s better to be parents in a nuclear family, others believe that having children will make them happy and that it’s a good thing to be married.

There is also the cost aspect of raising children. The cost of raising children as single parents is extremely high, compared to the cost of raising them as a couple. A married couple has access to various means of making their relationship more financially stable, such as a savings account, loans, insurance, etc. Thus, they have more financial resources than a single parent family.

On the other hand, being married brings its share of negatives. One of them is the ‘stage effect’. Married couples tend to settle down into an unfulfilling marriage because they have become so used to their roles as husband and wife that they cannot face the challenges of life on their own. If nothing changes, they may become bored or ‘mentally ill.’ Sometimes, they may even start having sexual relations. Also, not all marriages last, as one or both partners develops a new love interest.

Another reason why people change their views when they get married is because the marriage itself changes. When people enter into a marriage, they are often faced with a new identity as husband and wife. As time passes by, these identities become outdated and some people find it difficult to adapt to their new roles as husband and wife. Therefore, they begin to look for other alternatives.

Also, getting married means having children. Over time, people get so busy with their careers that they fail to provide for their families properly. This leads to dissatisfaction and later, a decision to live a single life again, like finding another partner, or just staying single until they die.

However, people do change, and there are numerous examples of people changing their views when they get married. For example, Jack Canfield, the author of ‘The Long Tail,’ has said that he got married to a really nice girl who changed his life. There are also a lot of people who have experienced a change in their lives as they married another person. Even Jesus, who was supposedly known to be an insatiable vegetarian, married Mary, his church’s near-poster girl.

It is true that getting married is something that a lot of people look forward to, especially when they think about the different responsibilities that come along with it. However, all relationships should be thought about as a serious endeavor. One should not jump into marriage lightly, because it has its own set of responsibilities. Instead, one should be mentally prepared and should be able to assess all of the aspects involved.

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