Checkout What Kidnappers Did to a Woman After She Gave Birth to a Child in Their Custody

A woman named Suwaiba Nasaru related her ordeal in the hands of kidnappers to newsmen. It was the day after Christmas. Bandits raided the village of Biya Ki Kwana of Batsari Local Government Area, Katsina State and injred two young man while abducting 10 women and girls.

One of these abducted was an heavily pregnant Suwaiba Nasaru alongside her two years old daughter. She narrated that her husband had travelled to the south to search for means of livelihood when gunmen raider her village and took her and other women away.

She along with other women trekked a considerable distance through the night before riding on motorcycles to the kidnappers’ den.

However, Suwaiba’s water broke white she was with the kidnappers’ and she went into labor. One of the kidnapped women served as the midwife as she delivered her baby daughter while the kidnappers watched.

The lady goes on to relate how the kidnappers reacted. She said that they brought her hot water to bath and also cleansed the baby. They were the ones who brought razor blade which was used to cut the umblical cord. They also consulted their leader to seek her discharge and eventually the lady was released home.
While kidnapping should not be condoned in our society, we should know that no kidnapper was born as such and usually a kidnapper or any other miscreant usually has a soft spot in their heart.

Let us therefore take some time to pray so that those that engage in bad acts and cause problems for others should change.

From Opera News

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