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What i have learnt from the story of the sacked winners pastors

First, I would commend the living faith church for the great work in investing churches across rural communities and employing paid 16,000 Pastors to lead those churches.

That said, this controversy allowed me to understand that a vast majority of us Nigerians behave like locust (apologies to anyone offended).

Eat, eat, eat is all they know. Contribution and multiplication is not their concern. Let’s just exploit what is available, divide it, eat it and wait for the next supply.

This is why as a people we actually produce so little but consume so very much.
We are a nation of exploiters…

I have learnt personal lessons from this occurrence and I would be sure to make personal amends in my own life.

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Just about condemning those pastors that are running from duty, and the holy spirit reminded me of something that was placed in my hand which failed but I have not given account neither have I replaced it to the person.
The person never asked probably cause of our close relationship, and he’s rich but that doesn’t absolves me of my responsibility to integrity.

1) Never accept to do anything you have no passion for simply because of economic benefits whether fringe or large.

2) Whatever has been committed to your hands by those who invested in you must be nurtured to grow with all your effort.

3) If what has been committed to your hand fails for any reason, have the honor to return it at least the way you met it. Be truthful to your investor. Don’t wait till you are fired or cursed out.

As a people we must learn to RESIGN when we see glaringly that we are not qualified or unable to carry certain responsibilities.

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