Top 9 lifestyle or habits you must avoid if you want to live healthy and longer

If you above 40 years old, please stop these 9 habits that shortens your life span

Life is transient and we must all definitely get old, hence it is very important we are all prepared for the changes that will begin to occur once we start aging. It is every one’s wish to life a healthy life free from sickness and disease but only those who set out to adopt the right lifestyle habit can accomplish this feat.

The improvement in science and technology has made life better but in the other way round, it has significantly increased our risk of certain health conditions.

Once you start aging, it is very important you scrutinize all your habits and eliminate the ones that are dangerous and can shorten your lifespan. Once you clock 40 years of age and above, your body become more susceptible to diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity and other ailments.

Most of these diseases are caused as a result of our lifestyle habits and the things we consume. The popular saying “you are what you eat “is completely true because the things you consume will go a long way to affect your health especially as you age.

There are some bad habits and poor diet you need to cut off as you age. So many people are ignorant about these negative lifestyle habits and that is why I wrote this article.

Below are top 9 lifestyle or habits you need to avoid if you want to live healthy and longer:

unhealthy living

1. Smoking

Tobacco products are full of carcinogens which are dangerous chemicals are can harm the body. Smoking increase your risk of various diseases like lung cancer, kidney cancer, liver disease and high blood pressure. Once you clock 40 years, please stop smoking for the sake of your health.

2. Intake of junk or processed foods

Junk and processed foods are high in sodium and saturated fat thus they increase your risk of certain diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, kidney disease and many others. All these diseases can shorten your lifespan and even lead to death hence avoid them.

3. Too much intake of carbonated drinks

Carbonated sodas are very high in sugar and they can lead to diabetes, kidney failure and even obesity when you consume them. Their effect becomes much as you age hence avoid it.

4. Sedentary lifestyle

Exercise goes a long way to aid your health especially as you age. Stop sitting in one place from morning till evening. Exercise improves your general health and help you live longer hence always find a means to exercise.

5. The habit of not incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for your body especially as you age. Once you clock 40, always consume more fruits and vegetables because there help strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of certain diseases.

6. The habit of not drinking enough water

Dehydration is very dangerous for your health especially as you age. Water is the best food you can give to your body if you want to live long. Once you clock 40 years, make sure you drink at least 7 glasses of water every day.

7. The habit of not getting adequate rest

Having good night sleep can go a long way to improve your mood and make you live a healthy life. So many adults spend their entire night watching movies and operating electronic gadgets but this is not healthy. As you age, your body will begin to demand for more rest hence make sure you always find time to rest and recuperate well.

8. The habit of thinking too much

Negative emotion and bad thoughts are not healthy for you as you age. Once you begin to age, spend more time with your love ones and avoid thinking too much because it can lead to high blood pressure and other heart related disease.

9. Too much salt intake

Excessive consumption of salt can cause several health complications. Salt is a hypertonic solvent and it can increase your risk of hypertension, kidney stone and liver disease when you abuse it. Once you clock 40 years, try and reduce your intake of foods that are high in salt if you want to live long.

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