Top 3 ways to find out if you fathered that child

I want to share with you today, 3 simple steps to confirm if the child is yours, see 3 things you can take to hospital without your wife’s consent

Due to the persistent news of infidelity in marriages been published on various platforms nowadays, a popular Nigerian medical doctor, Doctor Olufunmilayo on his Twitter handle has given three things men can take to the hospital if they want to confirm whether the child they are presently taking care of is their real child or they are being deceived by their wives.

The doctor said that, if men wants to do Deoxyribonucleic Acid Test otherwise referred to as DNA test and they do not want their wives to know or feel offended about it, they can secretly do the followings:

1. Take the child’s toothbrush which he or she has used

2. They should cut the child’s nail

3. Take such child’s hair

Take any of the above to any hospital of their choice for paternity test.

how to find out if the child is yours

He said that by making any of the three things listed above available for paternity test, their wives can’t know about it except if they want to tell them by theirself and they should do this test if they are suspecting infidelity in their marriage and they should do the test so that they can be rest assured that the child they are spending on is their real child.

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