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The Power of Choice


The Power of Choice Will Save You Money

Money, fame and power all carry the implicit message that they grant the power of choice to those who posses them. Who can resist the seductive invitation of the lot of them? You may have heard of the story about a king who wanted to invade India and defeat the great sage Buddha. The king surrounded himself with a retinue of advisors who included many concubines. The king was so powerful that he could command even the decision of which concubine would be the next to sleep with her husband!

That is how powerful choices are. Even if your business probably offers some products or services, you probably have a variety of other offerings too. Why should you not use your influence to choose which offerings you will pursue and which you will pass on? If you do not believe that money, fame and power are inherently bad, then you really don’t understand what Jesus taught or what the Master meant when He said that ‘one man in possession of these things’ will be like a man possessed of heaven’.

So, what is involved in choosing which ones to pursue? You must have a belief system, which is often called a belief system because it is a self-directed system. It is not something that others decide for you. And when you have a belief system, then it becomes much easier to make choices, because it gives you the information you need to make those choices.

I want to talk about Peak Times and Smart Meters. The ability to control your own fate and your own choices is the power of choice. This is also the power of money, fame and power. However, the most important aspect of choice is the ability to understand that your choices come with a price and that price is your potential outcome. That outcome may not always be a good one, but you have the ability to direct your own destiny and, at the same time, you have the ability to pay that price and reap the consequences of that outcome.

What does this have to do with smart meters and peak times? Well, consider the power of choice. If you can understand the relationship between peak times, demand response, smart meters and your own personal power, then you have a huge advantage when it comes to making choices. You will be able to understand when the best times to trade are, when the most profitable times are and when it is not at all advantageous to make trade moves.

So, what does this have to do with smart meters and Peak Times? In the power markets, when markets move up or down, some traders become impatient and make poor choices. They often base their moves on guesswork and make poor choices. As they cannot predict the future, they do not take the time to carefully look over all the information. When they finally decide to make their choices, they often make bad choices because they were impatient or chose to make too many trades based on “gut feel.”

With all the data available today, you can use every time frame to see which decisions are good and which ones are bad. This is a much smarter way of making decisions. After each trade is made, you can see which choices led to losses. Those decisions could be changed by taking the time to look at every trade-off in the power markets.

With this tool, you will have the ability to see every time period and all the information available and you will be in a better position to make the right choice every time. This choice could be the difference between making a profit and making a loss. Of course, you could choose to avoid making trades at all times. But, if you are trading on a regular basis, you will eventually learn to read the power of choice and use it to your advantage.

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