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“The NPP government has been disappointing” – Kojo Cue laments

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Rapper, Kojo Cue has broken silence on the current economic hardships in the country through a tweet that has been spotted on his verified Twitter page.

According to Kojo Cue, the ruling NPP government led by Nana Addo has been very disappointing referencing how the majority of Ghanaians trusted that Ghana will be a mini Heaven under them.

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The rapper was blunt in his assessment of the party, calling it a great letdown while directing some of his rage at the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), for failing to provide a better option.

Some tweeps have also shared the same sentiments with Kojo Cue on his submission, but because of the delicate nature of politics in this country, he has been attacked by followers of the present government for articulating the obvious truth.

The rapper tweeted;

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“This NPP government has been beyond disappointing. NDC too won’t even do us the favour of lying to us that they have changed their ways by replacing JDM,”

So now here we are, at the fork in the road. NDC, NPP or No Vote. My money is on the latter for most young people”.

Meanwhile, the controversial E-levy has also raised eye brows among the most Ghanaians.

Displeased citizens have blasted the government for been insensitive and nonchalant about the hardships that Ghanaians are facing.

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