The 7 Best Pans For Pumpkin Pie


Cooking Concepts Two 9 inch Pie Pans

Cooking Concepts Two 9 inch Pie Pans

Getting the best pan for pumpkin pie may not be that easy, depending on your preference. The choice also depends on how you want the texture of your crust to end up. With Cooking Concepts Two 9 inch Pie Pans, you can have a nice golden-brown crust.

Product Highlights

The product is made with heavy weight steel and is sure to be durable. It is also non-stick. It has a diameter of 9 inches with 1.6-inch depth.

The Good

Baking a pie with this heavy weight non-stick pan means you can easily release the pie to transfer to another plate. It is a great option for an evenly baked pie with a golden brown crust. This pan is also very easy to clean.

The Bad

Since the pan is non-stick, you have to look for something that isn’t metal to cut the pies. Otherwise, you will scratch the pan and damage the non-stick coating on it. The pan is not dishwasher safe and can arrive with a few dents due to the delivery.


  • Durable
  • Perfect size for evenly baked pies
  • Easy to clean


  • Once the coating is damaged, non-stick will not work
  • Prone to scratches
  • Not dishwasher safe

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