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How To Develop A Winner’s Mindset for Success, Money and Satisfaction

Over the years I have studied Mr. who seems to have everything – success, good family life, excellent health, exciting life, uncontrolled joy. I have studied their methods, their strategies, and when Tony Robbins recommends, modeling their behavior.

Sometimes in my life, I experienced extraordinary success; and during that time, it seems almost easy. I have also experienced moments when nothing worked, when everything tried, and when I frankly felt like the dream I had was a picture of my imagination.

During “times down,” I returned to the drawing board, read and learn everything I could find about what had to be a missing part of the puzzle. Obviously, I have experienced success on many opportunities, both personally and professionally, so what is wrong now? What do I do? What should I change? A clear question is, “If I have succeeded several times, surely I have a successful mindset, right?”

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A big secret: The success of success is “work inside” that you have to do at this time, think about thinking. To have a life mindset for life is a lifelong commitment. Consider your mind “Mental Gym,” you and like the physical gym that you attend to do your muscles, it requires your presence regularly for consistent and increasing results. When I stopped working on “inner thought,” the success disappeared and was replaced by a series of struggles and losses.

So how do you develop and maintain a mindset for success? Allow me to share some stories with you and then some information and techniques that I find to help you make a mindset that will create the life you want.

But first of all, I have a gift for you. This gift was given to me many years ago by a friend, Marie Barcus. Marie was a widow of a Duke University paranormal researcher, and she was an interesting woman I met at a local spa. We are having dinner and I think my tone was negative about something. Marie interrupted me and told me this story.

Marie himself was at his home and complained about something he saw on the news to her husband Len. Len stopped him and said, “Marie, if someone comes to the front door of our house and walks into the living room and throws a bucket of dirt on the floor, is it okay with you?”

Marie replied, “Of course not.”

“Well, then,” Len answered, “Why did you let someone put dirt into the mind of one hour? Marie, I’ll give you a gift. I’ll give you a porter to stand on the door of your mind. I want you to imagine your porter standing there, and Every time a negative mind tries to enter, just look at your porter raising his hand and forbid the entrance to your mind into your mind. “

Marie smiled when she told me the story. He said that for years afterwards, every time a negative thought would try to enter his conversation with her husband Len, he would only look at him and gently remind him: “Marie, stand Porter at your door.”

I consider it the experience of one of the biggest lessons in my life. I don’t know how strong our minds, I also don’t know that I can actively monitor them, but now more than 25 years later, with the emergence of quantum physics, and the knowledge we have from science and spirituality, obviously our thoughts and emotions are Part of how we create our reality and the big key is: we are in control.

So what is the best way to build and maintain “a successful mindset?” Here are some techniques and behaviors that will help you.

1. First, start by listening to your thoughts and words. To build a successful mindset, you need to know what to improve in your mental library. The biggest obstacle for the successful mindset has everything to do with awareness, trust, and even subconscious programming that you don’t realize.

2. Realize the belief that might direct you. This is one technique. On a piece of paper, make a line in the middle. On the left side, write affirmations like “I am very rich now.” On the right side of the line, immediately without censor what you write, write your response.

They might look like this:

    I will never be rich, who am I joking?

    I can’t be rich and spiritual. I chose spiritually.

    Some people are destined to become rich; I’m not one of them.

    Shallow rich people – I don’t want it like that.

    I just don’t have what it takes to get rich.

    I am not smart, educated, motivated, and smart enough.

3. After identifying your limiting beliefs, working on them one by one to reprogram more desirable beliefs. Every time you catch yourself thinking of one of these limiting thoughts, challenging him and replacing it.

Example: I will never be rich, who am I kidding?

Replacement: There is no reason I can’t get rich. People from all walks of life have become very rich. There are no universal rules that say I can’t be one of them. Of course, I can be rich. I just need to start researching the best way to do that.

“Poverty is not the absence of money and things – it is a mindset. Prosperity is not a lot of money and things – it’s also a mindset.” Randy Gage.

4. How do you reprogram it effectively? When I learned that I considered success, I noticed that many of them had programmed back using the psycho-cybernetics technique. And Kennedy, one of the most powerful marketers and coaches in the world, accustomed to stuttering and detained by him. He took psycho-cybernetics, and when he said “I cared for my self-esteem.” Now he is a multi-millionaire who helps others become multi-millionaires. He also has a rich personal life, love race horses, and travels the world to speak in front of hundreds of thousands.

Psycho-cybernetics helps you reprogram your mind to succeed – both from a conscious level of mind and deeper, subconscious. As you will read below, when you program from a deeper level of mind, your results are faster and more effective.

5. Learn to meditate. It is estimated that programming from the profound level of mind that you have achieved in deep meditation or hypnosis, can be 100 times stronger than programming from the conscious level of mind. Learn to meditate and then learn to program your new beliefs and desires from deeper and calmer levels of mind.

6. Process your conscious and subconscious mind with Visual: 3×5 card, vision board, positive image. Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for The Soul Fame is now a multi-multi-millionaire (it’s true – two multi.) He still uses a visual to program his mind regularly. What’s good enough for him good enough for me!

How the 3×5 card takes its business from $ 300,000 to $ 18 million. My friend Dennis was a broker in Denver. I met him 30 years ago when he was a new broker and I was a new loan officer. The average house price at that time was $ 18,000 (now my date isn’t it?) However, on the first day I met Dennis, I noticed the 3×5 card under the glass on it with this: $ 300,000. I asked him what it was, and he said, “That’s the real estate I want to sell my first year.” (Of course, based on prices then, it will equalize around 17 houses or 1½ house a month.)

Now Dennis didn’t believe in something mystical, so what he did was put the card there so that the subconscious mind could see it and then went to work to make that fact happen.

Last year, almost 30 years later, I went to the Dennis office and his 3×5 card under the top glass on his desk had this amount of $ 18 million. And he surpasses it! Your subconscious programming strength every day with very strong visuals!

7. Large. Enter the company of people who are higher than the food chain than you. Listen to how they think, enter their energy, pay attention to their responses to circumstances. Now you might not understand the concept of “energy,” but we now know from science that this is a vibration universe.

When you are in the vibration field of successful people, you are in sympathetic resonance with them, and your vibration will increase. That’s why so many successful people have a regular master’s mind group – so they help each other continue to grow.

In the book itzhak bentov, “stalking wild pendulum,” he described the experiment with the hours of grandparents. Two hours are placed in the same room, their pendulum comes out of synchronization. In a few days, their pendulum swung in perfect harmony! More exciting, because every hour new grandparents are brought into the room, all pendulums synchronize in hours, not the day!

It is said that you will be the total number of five people you spend most. Look. Is that enough? If not, increase your acquaintance.

And that includes your work environment. If you are in a toxic work environment, look for new jobs! Get away from there! The longer you live in a negative environment, the more your vibrations decrease. More importantly, the less you believe you can create something better, or even imagine it.

The toxic office environment does not only steal your creativity, they steal your spirit.

8. This is another strong technique to increase your awareness and mindset. Every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, ask yourself: “Is this what I want to make?” If not, change the thought and replace it with one that will make what you want!

This is a similar technique for “standing porter at your door,” and it is very effective because you immediately choose new thinking.

9. What if you have a problem believing you are not worthy of your wishes? This is my answer to it. This is your divine right to live a divine life experience. More, you are given special gifts and talents that other humans have on this planet, and it is your job to develop the gift and share it! It’s not about value, it’s about your task to do everything you can with what is given to you.

So, the next moment you have questions for feasibility, ask yourself this question: “Does the creator of the extensive universe decide I am less feasible than other divine humans? Does messages from parents, bosses or peers who criticize I reflect divine truth about who I am? “

In recent meditation, I heard the expression, “Don’t steal from God.” I realized that my mind myself told me to start working, remove my gift, turn off the TV, and respect the beautiful gift I had given by giving back. Get to know your spiritual source, and live from it. Be everything you can, and you will be surprised one day to find out how much it is!

10. Take care of your physical health. Eat healthy foods which are high vibration foods, avoid toxic foods, drinks, thinking, and behavior. Send a message to your inner self that you keep you and you deserve optimal health. Your subconscious mind will get a message and continue to help you increase the outside of your life.

Bonus Tip: Go from TV and News! The majority of negative programs, reduce your creativity, and in the end, you have given all the time you can use to create a better life.

Let me ask a question: How old are you? Say you 40. That means you have lived 350,400 hours! Now, if you watch even 2 hours TV every day because you say 8 years, which is 23,360 hours! The same as 11 years full time 40 hours a week work!

You can use that time to do the following:

  • Get another title
  • Learn new languages
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Learn to dive scuba or sail
  • Learn to fly
  • Write the book in yourself
  • Volunteers to help others disadvantaged
  • Climb the mountain that calls you
  • Make a passive income stream so you can travel to the exotic islands
  • Add more to your memory book!

Life is a chosen trip. You are a voter. Choose to live a life that is your divine right!

Montana Gray is a writer, speaker, personal development coach, and a master of marketing and well-known intuitive. He specializes in helping other people live their best lives by helping them find and release their biggest prizes. A unique business woman, Montana taught others to improve their mindset, set real goals and then learn the marketing strategy to market themselves. His client consistently said that his guidance on how to change their mind was one of his biggest prizes, and that his intuition added extra dimensions of clarity that really helped.

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