How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

Every website that must be published online needs web hosting. Web Hosting as it were is a place where you enter web hosting files, information and content that make your website live on the internet. These files are stored on a remote computer known as the host. That is where the term web hosting came from.

When you visit a website file that makes it displayed in your web browser. So it’s very important for you to choose a reliable web host that suits your website needs.

Web hosting basically rent space on remote computers, is usually charged in monthly instalments or every year.

Below are the various types of hosting:

1. Shared hosting.

The majority of websites are on host or shared servers this means that other people’s website files are also stored in this location.

2. Dedicated web hosting.

Special web hosting means you rent all computers or servers where your website is fixed. There are no other person files on the server. It is more flexible because you have full control over server settings. It can also be faster and safer, this is most often used by large companies or those who have a big website.

3. Hosting Cloud.

This is a virtual server consisting of many physical web servers. If someone fails, there is something else to take a place that means more reliable than a standalone server and doesn’t have to have time to fall. They also scale automatically to handle increased traffic.

Below are 11. things to ask when looking for a good web host:

1. What is termination?

Downtime is what sounds like a period of time when your website is not online or up. Downtime can be scheduled or not scheduled and can be caused by a number of reasons.

When your site goes down visitors to your website, you will not be able to see it, every minute your website goes down, it can mean potential loss of customers. Choose a reliable host with a very important time.

2. Does it include email?

Having an email address associated with your domain name looks more professional and more can be marketed than having hotmail or other email addresses. A good website hosting package includes email.

3. What about support?

Glad to know what advertising support is borne when available. A good hosting company will offer sales at least during normal working hours if not 24 hours a day. It is also worth seeing how this support is provided, is it only via email or ticket or can you really give someone a call.

4. Does the backup taken and if so how far they go?

If you have a problem with your website and need to play it back, you have to take backup. Does the hosting company offer this service and if so how often did they take it? It also needs to be investigated if there is an additional fee for this service or if it is included. Most web hosting companies are good including this in their hosting plan.

Choose the right web host like choosing a storefront or your company office. Your online presence performance will depend on the hosting you want. This is why you should choose the right web host from the start.

At first glance, all web servers may look the same. However, they vary in reliability and service. And this can make or destroy your business. In this article, we will notify you some tips for choosing a good web hosting provider.

5. The storage capacity

Storage capacity is one of the most important factors when we want to work on a complete website.
Choosing a hosting service that has a responsible capacity for disk space will free us so as not to worry about lack of space.

At the beginning of the development of the website it can be ignored, but with the time of the passage of time and if the page has a lot of information and files with quite large weights such as images, videos, pdf files, etc. Hosting plans with little capacity can turn into a big headache.

6. The Bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the most important characteristic of other, competing with storage capacity for the first place.

Bandwidth is what will allow visitors to interact with your webpage functions, images, files, and information. Good bandwidth will allow visitors to access websites without delay and immediate.

7. The Programming language

At present most web pages are developed with PHP programming languages, because it is easily studied and very flexible for programmers on average experience.

But for people who don’t know anything about programming it is also an advantage because most of the content management platforms, forums, plugins, and web tools are built in this programming language.

8. the Database.

The database is closely related to programming languages and although today modern programming languages have an interface that allows working with any database. It’s always easier with the original language.

9. Quick installation program

A few years ago, most content management platforms, forums, e-commerce stores, must be installed manually; However, brilliant ideas offer automatic installation services for this to appear.

For example, if you previously wanted to have a content management platform like WordPress, you must install it manually; That is, upload all files to the server, configure and install the database.

Fortunately, this is no longer necessary, now with one click, in most web hosting services you can install and configure any system, from the WordPress system to the forum.

That is why I suggest those who will buy web hosting services for the first time are that it has the possibility of installing content management programs, e-commerce, forums, etc.

First, because we will save a lot of time and the money and second, because this platform has many advantages in terms of configuration, security and flexibility, making making web pages it’s very easy even for someone who doesn’t have programming knowledge.

10. The E-mail

When you enter the internet sales world or want to have a virtual presence, it is very important to have the ability to create an email account without limitation.

11. Technical support and reputation

Another point we have to consider in web hosting providers is the response time of the Department of Technical Support.

The greater the provider, the longer the response. However, it seems that at present a great hosting company around the world is fighting to be named the best technical support services.

Regarding reputation, we can say that some companies control the global market for hosting providers.

Choosing a hosting provider (also called web hosting services) can be quite a challenge if you are a programmer, webmaster, owner of your own business or blogger.

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