How Shang-Chi’s post-credits scenes ties into the Marvel universe

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings options scenes after the credit roll.


When all of the punching and kicking and household drama is over, is there a post-credits scene on the finish of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? After all! In truth, this newest Marvel Cinematic Universe entry contains two post-credits scenes teasing the subsequent journey and welcoming the MCU’s latest heroes into the world of the Avengers. Stand by for spoilers…

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a field workplace smash in theaters now (and reportedly begins streaming on Disney Plus in October). “From opening battle to inevitable post-credits scene,” CNET’s overview says, “Shang-Chi comes with Marvel strengths and weaknesses whereas additionally feeling like one thing winningly new.”

So what about these post-credits scenes? Having saved the world on the finish of the film, Shang-Chi is launched to some acquainted faces with Avengers stars pop up for cameos (fittingly for 2021, this assembly entails a kind of superhero Zoom name). Then on the very finish of the credit, one other scene introduces a brand new boss for the movie’s troublesome ninja military.

Shang-Chi mid-credits scene

The mid-credits scene mainly continues the top of the film, when Shang-Chi and Katie adopted Wong right into a portal. The motion picks up with Wong finding out the rings, noting that the highly effective objects are nothing like several of the artifacts recorded within the codex.

The compulsory credit cameos come from Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo as Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner. Banner’s arm is in a sling, so if that’s the damage sustained from carrying the Energy Gauntlet in Endgame, then we are able to date Shang-Chi as being set comparatively quickly after that movie. They could be two of the largest brains within the Avengers, however each are baffled by the rings. They will not less than deduce that the paranormal steel hoops are many 1000’s of years older than anybody realized. 

Within the comics, the origin story of the rings is that they contained the souls of alien warriors from the planet Maklu, dwelling of dragonlike beings together with the favored comics character Fin Fang Foom. Within the film, our heroes notice Shang-Chi’s use of the rings has despatched some kind of sign. There’s a beacon beaming into the cosmos — however who will reply? 

Marvel then hops off on some interplanetary enterprise, leaving Banner and Wong to formally induct Shang-Chi and Katie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “There’s an extended journey forward of you,” warns Wong, or as Banner places it, “Welcome to the circus.” All that’s left then is to seal the take care of a spot of karaoke — and Wong enthusiastically joins in with a spherical of Resort California by the Eagles.

Shang-Chi post-credits scene

After the credit comes the second scene. This time it’s Xialing, performed by Meng’er Zhang, who takes heart stage. We rejoin her placing away infantile issues as she takes down the posters masking her childhood bed room. She’s speculated to be wrapping up her father’s terrorist affairs, however as a substitute takes his throne and ushers in a brand new period for the Ten Rings group. An period of graffiti and hip-hop, with Razor Fist joined by her previous combat membership sidekick and a brand new military of martial arts trainees.

“Let’s get began,” Xialing says ominously. “We’ve received numerous work to do.”

The movie ends with the caption: “The Ten Rings will return.” However now that they’re beneath new administration, will they be pal or foe for Shang-Chi and the Avengers?

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