Governors serve free food, Nigerians will rush to get COVID-19 vaccine: Expert

A local information officer on COVID-19 vaccination in Lagos, Kolawole Oyenuga, has urged governors to provide a meal to motivate Nigerians to be vaccinated against the virus.

“Aside from misinformation about the side effects of taking the jab, many citizens are busy pursuing to survive, and that is discouraging them from creating time to come and get the vaccine,” said Mr Oyenuga, Deputy Head, COVID-19 Vaccination Local Information Officer, Ogijo Primary Health Centre, Ikorodu, suggested this on Tuesday. “But, the assurance that a plate of food awaits them at the vaccination centres will cause a rush on the part of the eligible people to come for the jab.’’

Mr Oyenuga added that the turnout for the vaccination was encouraging compared to the available vaccines supplied to health centres by state governments.

“If one compares the ratio of vaccines available at the close of work on a daily basis, then the turnout is not bad. As of today, we have few numbers of the first and second jabs left as we are expecting the supply of another batch,” he noted. “We wish to experience the situation whereby those coming to take the jab will outnumber the vaccine we have in stock daily.”

Mr Oyenuga also mentioned that governments’ target should be to stimulate a rush for the vaccine such that those coming to be vaccinated will always outnumber the available jabs.

He further urged governments needed to do more on sensitisation against misinformation on the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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