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EFF in the Northern Cape threatens legal action against Roads and Public Works Department – SABC News

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Northern Cape has threatened to take legal action against the Department of Roads and Public Works regarding sewage that has been diverted to fallow land near the R-31 road between Kimberley and Barkley-West.

The diverted sewage is on both sides of the road and has become a hazard for motorists. In the recent past, two vehicles lost control and landed in the filthy water.

EFF Provincial Secretary Shadrack Tlhaole says they are planning on taking the department to court.

“We can tell the people of the Northern Cape that if and only if anything can happen beyond today in that area the department will take the department to court as we are planning to do now, even before anything could happen. That is our plan that is our decision. We are sick and tired to beg Zamani to fix the road and their national government. And they want to behave as if they don’t pass there every day. They go there when they go and visit mines in Kuruman and they pass there as if they are staying in Kuruman and they don’t see that road how it is.”

In the video below, Kimberley residents blame corruption for poor service delivery:

Resident cry foul over corruption in the Northern Cape

Kimberley residents in the Northern Cape have blamed corrupt officials for poor service delivery in local and provincial government departments.

Residents say the lack of accountability by those in leadership is collapsing the province.

Their views come ahead of high-profile cases that will be before the court this month. They include the Personal Protective Equipment fraud case at the Health Department and security tender at the Department of Safety and Liaison.

2021 saw some senior government officials nabbed for corrupt activities related to the procurement of services and contravention of the Public Finance Management Act.

“Corruption in this province is a serious challenge. Year in and year out we’ve been preaching the same thing.  The administration has proven over and over again that they have no interest in dealing with corruption,” a concerned resident Mosimanegape Gaborone says.

“As far as corruption is concerned, if you break the law you must face the music, you go to jail. Mainly, with what is happening now nobody gets convicted, nobody really goes to jail we just see people being forced to resign and then we hear nothing after that,” another resident Tuelo Montwedi adds.

VIDEO | Kimberley residents protest over poor service delivery:


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