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Educationist Urges Establishment Of Early Child Education Commission

An educationist, Sir Lucky Worlu, has called on the federal government to establish an early child development in education commission in order to promote early childhood education in the country.

Worlu, a former member of the Rivers State Universal Basic Education Board (RSUBEB), made the call yesterday while speaking with LEADERSHIP Sunday in Port Harcourt.
He described early child development in education as the foundation of education, saying the provision of only five percent for it in the UBEB was not enough.
Worlu said: “Early childhood development in education is the foundation of education.

I am using this medium to recommend to the Federal Ministry of Education, especially, the President Buhari-led administration to establish the commission at the federal level, just as we have the Universal Basic Education Commission. In the states, it will become a board.

“People will claim that early childhood development in education is in UBE board, but what is there is only 5%. Meanwhile, that is all encompassing in education.
“If you are building 60 storey house, the foundation is important. That foundation we are talking about is early childhood. For those that don’t understand, that is what we call nursery school. We are saying that a commission, a board or an agency should be set up for it.

“It should be introduced to every primary school; every primary school should have two or three rooms for early child. Before you go to primary one, spend two or three years with them,” he added.

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