Edo locks out workers without COVID-19 vaccination card from offices

The Edo State Government has begun restriction of access to offices for civil servants who don’t show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination.

Some workers were on Wednesday stranded as they were prevented from accessing their offices by the police. Some however said they were given prior notice of such enforcement.

John Osagioduwa, a civil servant, said he was not aware of the directive.

According to him, the proper thing was for the government to issue a circular to various ministries, departments and agencies to inform civil servants of the directive.

Mr Osagioduwa said although he was vaccinated, he didn’t come with the vaccination card and had to go home and come back to work on Thursday.

Felix Omende, a construction company worker, said it would not benefit the government to chase away all the people from work.

“So, how can you save lives with drugs alone without food? When palliatives were being shared, the prominent once looted them to their houses and we the poor were left suffering and dying,’’ he argued.

A former media aide to Governor Godwin Obaseki, Crusoe Osagie, who was also barred, said he forgot his vaccination card.

“The governor’s directives have taken effect from today, and I am just coming to the office but forgot my vaccination card. I have been refused entry because I forgot my card at home.

“I am going home to get my card to access Government House.

“The enforcement and restrictions have started with government offices and institutions today.

“And if workers go back home to get their cards and come back to work late or not at all, I am sure there will be concessions for them by their directors.

“It’s not compulsory to be vaccinated, but they need the vaccination card to access government offices,’’ he said.

Commenting on the exercise, the Head of COVID-19 Enforcement Team in Edo, Yusuf Haruna, said that the enforcement showed government commitment to the protection of lives in the state. 


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