Deontay Wilder won’t be a fashion victim again for ring walk in trilogy fight with Tyson Fury

All bleary eyes on Las Vegas on Sunday morning: Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder III and the climax of a very modern rivalry which dates back to 2014, when Fury took to Twitter and warned: ‘I want u punk.’

An apology followed 15 minutes later — turned out he’d tagged England footballer Lucy Bronze, not the Bronze Bomber. Ali-Dawn Fraser, eat your heart out. Now, though, among the big questions ahead of this trilogy fight: how will Wilder cope en route to the ring?

Last February, his 40lb costume explained the pummelling he received. Apparently. It was among Wilder’s more bonkers excuses. But still, he is taking no chances this time.

Deontay Wilder in a 40lb leather suit of armour back in 2019, including a crown and face mask

Though more extravagance awaits, designers have promised this outfit will be ‘significantly lighter… so we don’t have any drama at all’. 

Fury has already thrown down the sartorial gauntlet during fight week. His two-piece suit and trainers featured a patchwork of the WBC and Ring Magazine heavyweight belts.

The trolling will continue once the first bell goes. Fury will use a specially-made stool, carrying a picture of Wilder and, in silver glitter, the words ‘Big Dosser’. As its designer explained: ‘After he’s done punching (him), he’ll be sitting on his face.’ Lovely image.

Tyson Fury’s two-piece suit and trainers featured a patchwork of his heavyweight belts

Scandal that kits failed the eye test

It is believed that around one in 12 men and one in 200 women have some form of colour blindness.

Incredible, then, that the troublesome kit clash between Ireland and Wales has been allowed to linger for so long before being rectified. 

Wales and Ireland have ditched their traditional kit clash to help colour-blind fans 

Not only because modern fans obsess over kit design and colour schemes.  But if eight per cent of male players are struggling, why had no one taken a stand?

Toon fender bender

Among the delirious Toon Army outside St James’ Park on Thursday evening was singer songwriter Sam Fender.

‘Best day of our lives,’ he wrote on Instagram as his saxophonist serenaded the crowds to celebrate Mike Ashley’s exit.

How they paid the price. Still wearing his Newcastle tracksuit, Fender appeared on BBC Breakfast on Friday, putatively to promote his new album. 

‘I am really, really hungover,’ he admitted. The presenters were at least grateful for his honesty.

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