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Understanding copyright free music

The term “copyright free” is thrown around a lot with music. It’s generally used to describe music that is available to be played on YouTube for an unlimited time without paying royalties. Royalty free is also a term that’s commonly used but it doesn’t actually mean anything. Music licensing is a very complicated process and is completely different from just being able to play music on YouTube. So what is copyright free music for YouTube?

Royalty free and YouTube-friendly music is basically the perfect solution if you need to cut those annoying payments or annoying ads out of your online video. However, you need to know how to use copyright free music for YouTube right. Luckily, the new YouTube Music Library makes everything pretty simple. If you use this library instead of the regular music player on YouTube, you won’t have any problems.

What is Copyright? This is an important step when using music in your videos or in background music. Without this, you could face serious legal trouble. Anytime you use a piece of music and include it in your videos without paying for it, you are breaking copyright laws and you can wind up with heavy fines. For example, it’s illegal to replace someone else’s work (even if it sounds similar) and you could face jail time or other consequences.

Where Can I Find Copyright Free Music For YouTube? In case you didn’t know, YouTube is a highly-trafficked website. That means that all of your videos will be quickly looked at by people all over the world. Chances are, you will be putting music that belongs to someone else in your videos, too. You can make use of the copyright-free music tracks here and there in your videos without getting into legal trouble. It’s easy!

Can I Use Copyright Free Music in My Business Videos? Of course you can! Even if you are recording a commercial for your business, you can use copyrighted music as long as you give credit to the original author and don’t use the clip more than once. Also, music that is part of a collection (i.e. something that has been purchased) is not considered to be part of the public domain, so you will need to obtain permission before using it in your business videos.

Where Can I Find These Copyright Free Music Tracks? Luckily, you can find them just about anywhere. Visit Creative Commons websites. On these sites, you will see thousands of pieces of music that are completely free to download! You can start by searching for the track that you want, but if you’re really stuck, you can pay a small fee to have access to even more creative commons licensed tracks.

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