Collection of Good Breakfast Meals for Diabetic Patients

Being a diabetic patient is a very big problem. Not just because of the risks of possible complications but also of the problem of selecting a suitable food to eat. We all know that the breakfast is the most important meal for every individual.

To the diabetic, the choice of a suitable breakfast is always an important choice to make. This is because the disease makes it difficult for one to choose an appropriate food since the choice must not be based on what you like, but on what will be acceptable to your health condition.

In this article, we want to highlight some foods that are good breakfast choices for a diabetic patient. Diabetes patients must reduce if not avoids carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fats in their diets. They should also include vegetables, fruits, proteins and unsaturated fats in their diets. Since most foods contain carbohydrates and sugar, the options to choose from becomes very narrow.

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If you are diabetic, prediabetic or have someone who is battling with the disease, this information will be of immense benefit to you. The following foods will make a great breakfast for somebody who is diabetic. This article considered our local environment, remember that our food choices in Nigeria differs from that of the temperate regions.

1. Quaker oats with skimmed milk or whey milk

Quaker oats is a good carbohydrates containing food which has been proven to have the potential for helping to stabilize blood sugar. Skimmed or whey milk is also very suitable for diabetic people as it can help to make you feel less hungry through the day.

2. Plantain with fish or chicken

Unripe plantain cooked with fish or chicken is another suitable breakfast for diabetes people. Unripe plantain is a good source of iron. Fishes and chicken contains Omega 3 fatty acids and good proteins that will make a great diet for diabetic patients.

3. Plantain with plenty of vegetables

Plantain with vegetables is good sources of iron and vitamin c respectively. They will make a good diet for people battling with diabetes. Plantain contains less carbohydrates and sugar and is loaded with iron.

4. Wheat or millet meal with a good vegetable soup

Many people in Nigeria like to eat food that involves swallowing. Wheat meal or millet meal will serve as a good swallowing food. When this is combined with a good vegetable soup, it becomes a rich diet that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Wheat and millet are whole grains which are highly recommended for people battling with diabetes.

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5. Plantain pepper soup

Plantain pepper soup is a delicious breakfast ideal for diabetes patients. The pepper soup may be cooked with fish, stockfish, tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. You can also use liver or kidney of meat or lean meat to prepare the pepper soup. This diet contains iron and vitamin B12 and other important minerals. Remember recipes such as scent leave or utazi (a kind of bitter leaf )will be good for this pepper soup.

6. Pumpkins food with plantain

Pumpkin food cooked with plantain is a very good breakfast for people battling with diabetes. Pumpkins are not starchy food, they also contain beta carotene while unripe plantain is rich in iron. Iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells that helps to transport oxygen around our body.

7. Cucumber with avocados

For those who may want to eat breakfast with fruits, cucumbers, garden eggs, and avocados or other nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, etc will be great.

Beans are a great food for people battling with diabetes ,but we didn’t include it in this list , because beans are not a very good breakfast meal. However human choices may carry.

Conclusion: Diabetes is a progressive disease, this means that it is likely that the rate of the disease will be increasing, if adequate attention is not given to it. You can delay or prevent it’s progression by eating proper diets.

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