Cally Air: Gov’t, Aero Contractors must play their Roles well

By Inyali Peter

Cally Air/Cally Aero as it were is not politics. We must be deliberate in helping to make this Governor Ben Ayade’s lofty dream a success. In doing that, we need to help identify where improvement needs to be made and not defend everything to prove political loyalty.

Governor Ayade has done well to make this dream that a lot doubted a reality. Those he has hired to make work must do their job because the Governor is not omnipresent or ubiquitous, so can’t be everywhere.

Clearly, there’s a big vacuum in the current setup. I don’t have detailed knowledge of the leasing agreement the government had with Aero Contractors but whatever is the case, it’s obvious that something is wrong.

About two months ago, when Aero Contractors passengers were stranded in Asaba International Airport over flight delay, the Management quickly issued a statement explaining and apologising to passengers.

How come with Cally Air/Cally Aero, no matter how what happens, nobody talks about it? It’s either the government talks or nothing.

Those who think the government shouldn’t be mentioned must know that it’s our business. If you build a house and rent it out to a tenant and the tenant mismanages the house, as a landlord, you won’t allow your tenant to run your property aground because you’re not staying there.

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In an interview with CrossRiverWatch a few months ago, Governor Ayade was quoted as saying that for now, the business is “going to be a joint management but we are not in operational management, we are in administrative management and we are going to ensure that the accounting component, Cross River State is not shortchanged”.

Government must rise to the occasion by providing the administrative management to ensure those in charge of the operational management don’t destroy the reputation of the airline before it even starts.

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