‘Bring back Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer’

Martin Keown believes the new Newcastle owners need to try and recapture what the club had in the 1995-96 season. 

That year, the Magpies finished second in the Premier League and had a squad filled with superstars. 

Newcastle could soon have a team full of world-class players once again

The likes of Les Ferdinand, Faustino Asprilla, David Ginola, and Philippe Albert were all a part of the squad that finished runners-up in the top flight – just four points shy of champions Manchester United.

It was one of the best title races in Premier League history, as ‘The Entertainers’ just missed out on a title nobody would have begrudged them.

And now, after their multi-billion pound takeover, they can start to recruit some of the world’s best talent again – something which Keown believes they are more than capable of doing. 

The Arsenal legend told White and Jordan on talkSPORT: “Put yourself back in the shoes of those players in 1995-96, when the Ferdinand’s, the Asprilla’s, the Ginola’s and everybody was running to Newcastle.  

Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman is behind the group who have bought Newcastle

Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman is behind the group who have bought Newcastle

“It’s about getting people in front of you and to sell that dream to the players. 

“Now they’re in the marketplace, they’re definitely there, so if you’re a top player now and you want to go in a different direction, you want to be a part of something very special.” 

Keown also believes that the club should get some of its legendary players and managers back to the club. 

Kevin Keegan's actual name is Joseph Kevin Keegan


Kevin Keegan almost led Newcastle to the title in the 1995/96 season

Kevin Keegan, who was the manager of that team in 1995-96, and Alan Shearer – Newcastle and the Premier League’s top goalscorer of all time – are both names mentioned by Keown. 

And the former Arsenal and England defender believes the club should use it as a way to apologise for how they were treated by the previous owner, Mike Ashley. 

“The likes of Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer should be coming back into the club, even if it’s only in ambassadorial roles,” Keown added. 

Alan Shearer is still loved in his hometown


Alan Shearer is still loved in his hometown

“They were harshly treated by the last owner. And I do think it’s a return back to that. 

“I think they have a statue of Shearer which is not even on the on the premises of the stadium.” 

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